sound cloud

this is where I throw stuff to the wall and see what sticks and share some of my favorite recordings from past albums.

night funk – from the CD “Migration”. JP on guitar, bass, drums and voice. Nova Devonie on accordion. Dave Keenan on violin.

canvas – home recording summer 2012. JP on guitars, percussion, bass and voice

nobody loves nobody – lo-fi recording summer 2013. trying out new song co-written with Peter Mulvey

original face – home recording spring 2013. JP on guitars, percussion, bass and voice

blue – home recording 2012. JP on guitars, percussion, bass, harmonium and voice

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – from the CD “Sat Sangeet”. JP on harmonium and voice. Ravi Albright on tabla. Vincent Gates on guitar.

beautiful traveler – recorded live at vashon farmers market 2012. JP on guitar with loop pedal, voice and talking drum

My Sweet Love – from the CD “Migration”. JP on guitars, bass, percussion and voice. Michael Veit on drums.

How I get by – from the CD “Everything Else”. JP on guitar and voice. Michael Hayes on guitar and voice. Will Sandalls on bass. Michael Veit on drums. Peter Mulvey on slide guitar. Written in 1987 in memory of Tom Lynch. This version recorded 1999.

in the gold light – home recording 2009. Dominique Gabella on voice. words by Dominique. JP on guitar and piano

come dance with me – home recording spring 2013. lyrics adapted from poems by Rumi and Hafiz.  JP on on guitars, voice, harmonium, bass and percussion

seeker – home recording spring 2013. JP on harmonium, guitars, percussion, bass, banjo, concertina and voice

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha – from the CD “Sat Sangeet”. JP on guitar, bouzouki, drum, harmonium, xylophone and voice

Anusara Invocation – Om Namah Shivaya Gurave – from the CD “Sat Sangeet”. JP on harmonium and voice

sometimes – home recording 1999. JP on banjo, guitar and voice. Andy Santospago on mandolin and cello

the way that I love you – from the CD “Songs”. JP on guitar and voice