Choreography and dance performance by Dominique Gabella. Music by Joe Panzetta. This video flows between three different performances of Bardo recorded in February of 2006, which were part of an evening called “Currents” that included photography by Steve Shelton of the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Dominique performed Bardo in 2007 as well, as part of an evening with her dance company, Next Stage Dance Theatre.

The Bardo is the in-between place that Tibetan Buddhists believe the soul traverses on route to either liberation or it’s next incarnation. It is said that the newly deceased person’s consciousness experiences various realms, which are all in actuality projections of the mind.  Depending on their karma, they either recognize that the visions are projections and consciously choose liberation, or they experience them as real and eventually grasp after a womb for a new birth.

The performances that made up Currents were multimedia pieces that showed Shelton’s photography, featured dance by Gabella and other members of NSDT and music by Joe Panzetta.  This song, Bardo, is from his 2007 CD “Migration” and it features Joe on guitar, Dave Keenan on violin, Nova Devonie on accordion, and Andy Santospago on theremin. Proceeds from the event went to help families in Sri Lanka hit by the tsunami.